Food & Drink

Client:  California Pistachio Commission
Project:  Consumer brochure
Content:  Storage and seasonality tips

It’s cool to be cool
California pistachios are excellent keepers when stored properly.
To keep them at their freshest, place pistachios in an airtight
container and refrigerate them until ready to use.  They can also be
sealed in an airtight container and stored in the freezer.

Open Container Alert
California pistachios should not be stored in open containers because they will eventually absorb moisture from the air
and become soggy.  If this happens, you can renew the pistachios by toasting them a few minutes in a 200° F oven.

Cycle of life
California pistachios are harvested in the fall and considered an alternate bearing crop.
That means the crop is heavy one year and lighter the next.  Despite this natural cycle, California pistachio growers carefully
coordinate and combine their growing efforts to ensure a ready supply of these perennial favorites year in and year out.

A pistachio for every season
So whether you're roasting a Thanksgiving turkey or firing up the grill for a 4th of July gig, you'll always find California
pistachios ready to join in the fun.