Client:  Hub Engineering
Project:  Product fact sheet
Content:  Product and company information

The composites advantage
Hub Engineering leads the way in applying high-end defense technologies
to designing and developing commercial manufacturing techniques and
products that are cost-competitive, safe and environmentally sensitive.
Skilled engineers integrate polymer matrix composite materials into the

design, development and production of components for commercial products such as electric cars.
These fiber-reinforced components are recognized for their performance-enhancing characteristics
of superior strength, reduce weight and resistance to corrosion. The Hub Battery Containment
Box is the first in Hub Engineering’s line of fiber-reinforced components.

The Hub Advantage
The Hub Engineering team represents the brightest and best of the automotive and defense industries.  An
award-winning group of engineers, designers, computer scientists and manufacturing specialists from both
fields of work in concert to develop and produce cost-competitive, safe and environmentally sound products
and production systems for automotive manufacturers.