Editorial food feature

Client: Seafood marketing association
Project:  Editorial food feature
Title:  An entertaining idea with California Kings

Gathering around a delicious meal is a traditional favorite for home
entertaining.  Nothing matches the comfort and ambiance that good
food and lively conversation brings to an evening with friends.  Here’s
an entertaining idea featuring a real treasure, fresh California King Salmon.

For Herb-Crusted Filets, fresh California King Salmon filets are coated with a savory mixture of ground nuts and fresh
herbs and quickly baked until flaky and moist.  Serve these savory filets with steamed veggies of the season, crusty
baguette and ice cream sundaes for dessert.

A fresh California King Salmon dinner is sure to bring bravos from guests and family alike.  That’s because, unlike
farm-raised salmon, California Kings live in the Pacific Ocean where chilly waters produce fish with lean, firm texture
and superior flavor.  In addition, California fishermen take special precautions such as harvesting the salmon by
hook-and-line method to ensure a premium quality catch every time.

Fresh California King Salmon season runs from May through September.  During this time, California Kings are available
in several forms in most fish markets throughout the Golden State.  Choose from salmon roasts, steaks or filets.
California Kings may also be purchased dressed, dry-smoked and cured.

Because of its rich flavor, simple cooking methods are best when preparing fresh California King Salmon.  Grilling,
poaching, steaming, baking and broiling are ideal for showcasing this premier Pacific fish.